17Hundred90 Inn

17hundred90 is a small Inn and Restaurant located in Savannah, GA. Built in 1820, it is one of Savannah’s oldest hotels. While quaint and cozy, it offers an incredible dining experience along with a couple ghosts to keep you on your toes. The Inn’s most well-known ghost story is that of Anna, a woman who fell in love with a German sailor in the early 1800s but was engaged to another through an arranged marriage. Although she’s been seen roaming all over the Inn, you’re most likely to find her in Room 204. Story has it that when her true love sailed off to sea, heartbroken Anna threw herself out of a third story window landing against the bricked courtyard. Some believe she was pushed through the window by her angry and jealous fiancé who had paid her passage into Savannah. Whichever is true, she is known to go through women’s clothing, makeup, and jewelry, occasionally moving items to different areas in the room. Perhaps getting ready for her true love’s return from sea? One guest claimed they found lipstick smeared across the bathroom curtain while others simply feel nudged in the middle of the night or muffled crying. On especially dark nights, some can even see her peering out the window at them.                   Another ghost rumored to live at the enchanting 17hundred90 is Thaddeus, a small boy who plays in the kitchen and leaves shiny pennies on the tables and bar top. During quiet hours, you can sometimes hear laughter from the bar.

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