Dr. Corson’s House

Dr. Eugene Corson bought the four-story home you’re looking at now in the early 20th century. It sits on the corner of Jones and Bull Street just a block away from Madison Square. Dr. Eugene Corson was the president of the Georgia Medical Society and set up one of the first operating x-ray machines in the country. In fact, many medical experts agree that the very first x-ray ever taken was done on the first floor of Dr. Corson’s home.

Unfortunately though, Dr. Corson didn’t take the proper precautions while handling the equipment. According to legend, Dr. Corson took so many x-rays of his hands that doctors had no choice but to amputate them in 1945 due to the radiation exposure. He died the following year.

Some say that Dr. Corson walks the first floor his home today trying to figure out what went wrong with his work.

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