Forsyth Park

Forsyth Park is just North of Park Avenue and consists of 30 acres. 10 acres were originally donated by William Hodgson in the 1840s, and then another 20 acres were donated by John Forsyth in 1851. There are many things to see both in and around the park.

Across the street from Forsyth Park is the Olde Candler Hospital, now known as the Savannah Law School. According to legend, a tunnel was used in the 1800s to secretly move those who died from Yellow Fever from the hospital to Forsyth Park so that they could be buried in mass graves inside the park. The epidemic was taking over Savannah and these tunnels helped hide how many were truly dying to avoid alarming the townspeople. These mass graves are thought to be located two blocks away beneath the beautiful white fountain in Forsyth Park.

Also located in Forsyth Park is the Confederate Monument which was dedicated to all the Confederate soldiers who fought in the Civil War. The area was originally home to two statues named ‘Judgement’ and ‘Silence’ but Savannah decided to move the two statues and replace them with the current Confederate Monument. The two statues can still be visited, though. The ‘Judgement’ statue has been moved to a cemetery in Thomasville, GA, and the ‘Silence’ statue was moved to the Laurel Grove Cemetery in Savannah. Although the Confederate Monument is not haunted, it should be mentioned as an important part of both the park and the city.

Across the street from the park is the Forsyth Park Mansion. Strange things have been rumored to have occurred in the home including the death of a young lady named Anna whose spirit is thought to remain on the property.

Today, the park is a major attraction both for tourists and locals. Many visit to people-watch, play soccer, and relax. There are often events that take place in the park as well like concerts, dancing, and even a farmer’s market.

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