Marshall House

The Marshall House is notably one of the most haunted hotels in all of Savannah, being featured on shows like Ghost Adventures and The Today Show. Over the years, it’s been known as a hospital, residential housing, shopping, and now as a famous, luxurious hotel with original wood floors, winding staircases, tall ceilings, and an elegant veranda overlooking Broughton Street.

As a hospital during both the Yellow Fever Epidemics and the Civil War, the Marshall House has seen its share of tragedy and death – an unfortunate but perfect place for ghosts and other supernatural beings. Claims range from rattling door knobs to being bitten in the bathrooms. It’s rumored that one woman fled from the hotel when she discovered her son had been bitten by an unknown entity. Her son told his mother he was playing with another boy in the bathroom, and the boy bit him. The mother, of course, did not believe her son since no one was int he bathroom with him until he showed her the unmistakable bite mark on his back.

Many see a ghostly woman in the first floor ladies’ restroom while others may hear the song of a typewriter in Joel Chandler Harris’ room (author of ‘Uncle Remus: His songs and His Sayings’). Most guests, however, tend to hear children’s laughter in the hallways when no children are present. This is probably due to the death’s of so many children plagued by the Yellow Fever Epidemics in 1854 and 1876.

Other sightings include soldiers with missing limbs and screams in the middle of the night These experiences should be no surprise with the Marshall House serving as a hospital during the Civil War. With limited resources and medical advances not yet discovered, amputations without anesthesia were the course of action for most injured soldiers. Proof of this was found when renovations in the 1990s uncovered dozens of body parts from the Civil War Era hidden under the floorboards of The Marshall House. These surgeons (also called ‘Sawbones’ for their savage techniques) would get rid of their amputated limbs by burying them in the floorboards – and possibly other places in the hotel not yet discovered…

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