The Olde Harbour Inn

The Olde Harbour Inn was built in 1812 and primarily used as a cotton warehouse. It was where both cotton was stored before before shipping out as well as where slaves were kept after arriving in Savannah. However, in 1892 a fire wiped out the warehouse. It was eventually rebuild and used by a denim company and then an oil company until its renovation in 1985. Two years later it reopened as the Old Harbour Inn.

The Inn is thought to be haunted by one of the warehouse employees that died in the fire named Hank. Some locals even think Hank is the one who started the blaze. Guests at the Olde Harbour Inn have experienced knocking on doors and twisting door knobs in the middle of the night. Room 406 seems to be Hank’s favorite as that is where most of his hijnx takes place.

The Olde Harbour Inn is located on River Street and is just steps away from some of the best shopping and dining Savannah has to offer.

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