The Pirate’s House

The Pirate’s House is located on a plot of land that was used for gardening a botany, and in 1734, a small house was built for a gardener on the land which still makes up part of the structure. Because of this, it is considered to be the oldest building in the state of Georgia. In the 1750s, the small building called the ‘Herb House’ was expanded and became an Inn and tavern consisting of three levels.                   Like most taverns in the 1700s, The Pirate’s House had it’s share of unsavory characters like privateers. Unlike pirates, privateers worked under the government’s permission to raid British vessels during the American Revolution. Legend has it that drunken soldiers who passed out at the bar would be shanghaied. They would be taken downstairs through a tunnel in the rum cellar that led to the street a block away from the Savannah River. Privateer captains would pay a certain amount per person to fill their ships with sailors. When they sailors woke up, they were on a ship at sea working against their will since it was illegal to leave a ship once it had been boarded.                   Countless fights and murders also occurred on the property, and Robert Louis Stevenson is believed to have based several of the characters in Treasure Island on people he encountered at The Pirate’s Ship.                   The Pirate’s Ship has been expanded and modernized over the years and is now a popular restaurant that has fifteen separate dining rooms. Waitstaff experience strange things such as hearing laughter in an empty room and seeing apparitions appear then disappear right before their eyes. Multiple employees have gone on record about walking past a banquet room late at night that had several people in 18th century attire sitting around a table. When they did a double take and looked again everyone disappeared in front of their eyes.                                   Chairs that were situated a certain way after the restaurant has closed will be moved around when the employees return the next morning.

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