The Six Pence Pub

The Six Pence Pub is just twenty yards away from Chippewa Square which, at one time, housed the famous bench Forrest Gump sat on during his life story. The bench is now in the Savannah History Museum; however, the local joke is that Forrest Gump now haunts the Six Pence Pub waiting on Jenny to come back to Greenbow, Alabama.                   The Six Pence Pub isn’t the scariest place in Savannah; it’s actually a great place to grab a beer. The spirits there tend to target the employees, not the patrons. Employees over the years have noticed a lot of strange things over the years. Pots, pan, and silverware often get moved or thrown around in the kitchen, and lights turn off and on by themselves. Occasionally taps would come on by themselves when no one was at the bar.                   It’s hard to pinpoint where the activity comes from, but the Six Pence Pub is just eighty yards from the mass grave at Madison Square. It’s quite possible a spirit or two enjoyed the festive atmosphere in the pub, and decided to make it their permanent resting place.                   If you experience Deja Vu as you walk into the pub, it’s not the ghosts messing with your mind. Julia Roberts filmed a scene from the movie ‘Something to Talk About’ in front of the establishment in 1995.

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